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How to Sell T-shirts Online (on Ebay or Elsewhere)

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 How to sell t-shirts online, and t-shirt printing options.

The purpose of this guide is to provide some basic information on getting started selling t-shirts on ebay, or any other online website or auction site, and the various methods of getting shirts printed. We have previous experience selling t-shirts on ebay, using print on demand services, and printing heat transfers, so we will be sharing some of the information we have learned here.

Why Sell Shirts On Ebay?
They are a huge site with many shoppers, this means instant exposure to your products without having to spend a lot of time and money marketing your own website. This is ideal for anyone who has design skills or is naturally creative or artistic, and does not already have their own website for selling products online. Also, you don't have to sell via auction on ebay, you also have the choice to list items "buy it now" only, instead of the auction option. We suggest listing only buy-it-now items, not auction style listings for t-shirts. Ebay is a good market for selling t-shirts because they (t-shirts) are a popular gift idea, and people often buy clothing for themselves on ebay. Other than electronics, we think fashion and gift items are some of the most searched for products on the site.

What Price Range Should My T-shirts Be?
Considering most of the visitors to ebay are looking for good deals, you should be selling your t-shirts somewhere around the $15 - $22 price range.

Ebay Listing Fees and Other Fees
People often hesitate trying ebay when they see all the fees and charges that are applied to listings and sales, and this is one of the main reasons it is no longer as popular or big as it used to be. The great news is at the time of writing this article ebay are offering up to 50 listings per month for FREE. This is the perfect opportunity for anybody who has considered trying them out, but never actually went ahead and opened a store. So, what have you go to lose by trying it out? Nothing!

Getting T-shirts Printed
Unless you plan to silkscreen (screen-print) all your shirts yourself, or have a heatpress, you may want to consider getting your designs printed at a local print shop, or you can find somewhere online offering bulk t-shirt printing, if you just have a few designs bulk printing can be as low as @$3.50 per shirt online.

Printing T-shirts From Home
Printing your t-shirts from home may be a good option for ebay sales, don't forget you'll need to purchase all the extra equipment, the inks, and maintain a quantity of t-shirts in different sizes and colors in stock for printing orders.

Iron-On Printing
You can iron-on designs from home using t-shirt paper, your regular printer and a regular iron or clothing press, this can sometimes produce poor quality prints and accidents are common, especially if you do not allow the right amount of time for the iron or heat-press to warm up first, or the correct amount of time for pressing. Once you get the hang of it you will make less mistakes and produce great iron-on t-shirts. The advantages of using iron-ons are that you can print shirts to order one at a time, and it is cheap and easy to do. Iron-on paper is cheap and the only other expense apart from getting the blank t-shirts is the ink cartridges for your printer.

Print on Demand Services
You can use a POD (print on demand) service, this option is the most expensive and would mean a very low profit level on ebay sales. The major advantage with this option is you don't have to do any of the work printing or packaging the orders. This is how we currently get our designs printed, we prefer it because it gives us more time to focus on the website and new design ideas, they guarantee good printing quality, and you don't have to maintain a big stock of different sizes and colors of shirts, printing equipment and inks for order fulfilment.

Screen Printing (Silkscreening)
You can also try screen printing your own t-shirts, you'd need to get all the equipment and the inks and learn how to do it, and it's a messy process making the print then cleaning up afterward. Not suitable for one-off prints.

We hope you have found this guide helpful, if you would like to share this article you are welcome to link to this page on your website. Contact us if you would like suggestions for where to buy iron-on paper, wholesale t-shirts, or anything else mentioned in the article. We are always happy to help.

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