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Funny t-shirts, fun t-shirts funny tees, cool t shirts retro humor and more tee shirts. Buy unique gifts and clothing at Funzo T-shirts Designer fashion t-shirts at regular prices! By buying t-shirts online from Funzo Tshirts you not only save money on gas and get to shop from the comfort of your own home, you also get something more original. Our catalog contains unique t-shirts that are only available online, chances are you will not see another person wearing the same t-shirt you purchased from us. Our funny and cute t-shirts make great gifts for men and women, all of our t-shirts and other products are printed in the United States! Many department store printed t-shirts are mass produced generic designs printed in other countries to make them as cheap as possible.
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Independent designer fashion t-shirts at affordable prices! By buying t-shirts online from Funzo Tshirts you not only save money on gas and get to shop from the comfort of your own home, you also get something much more original and unique than you would from average apparel retailer or clothing store. Our online catalog contains many awesome graphic t-shirts that are only available online, chances are you will not see another person wearing the same t-shirt you purchased from us. Our funny and cool t-shirts make great gifts for men and women, and by buying shirts from us you're also buying locally produced products, all our t-shirts and products are printed in the United States! Many department store printed t-shirts are mass produced generic designs printed in other countries to make them as cheap as possible.

Funzo T-shirts Store
We offer awesome and unique independent designer t-shirts. Brand new shopping system coming soon. We will also occassionally offer official products from other hot t-shirt designers, urban clothing labels and companies that we like and think you will like.

More About Us...
You are at the one and only, the original, Funzo T-shirts. We have been putting the fun in t-shirts since the early 2000's. Funzo is a slang word meaning something that is fun, awesome or cool and it is also a Swahili word meaning Lesson or Teaching. Remember shopping here in the past? You're at the Original Funzo T-shirts Store.

Our History
We have been providing funny shirts online since 2001. Our original t-shirt store began in 2001 as an independent t-shirt store, over time we grew, and our official website was relaunched here in 2008. Formerly known also as Funzo Tees and the Funzo Store, Funzo T-shirts was originally a part of an online entertainment site, which provided free jokes, online games, and entertainment beginning in the late 1990's. Funzo T-shirts was one of the first humorous t-shirt sites online (we were around long before Snorg or any of the other mass-advertised funny t-shirt sites online now), and our website has always offered a wide selection of unique funny, cool, interesting and unusual t-shirts and clothing.

Your trusted source for unique independent t-shirts.
Many other online t-shirt stores have come and gone over the past decade. Our exclusive line of graphic t-shirts are not available in conventional retail outlets - only online - and we don't mass-produce our products like the majority of the larger online retailers do. Everything is printed fresh upon purchase and shipped directly to you. We thank all our customers now and in the past.

Not sure about buying t-shirts online?
Why go to the store and buy mass produced t-shirts when you can easily order something online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the comfort of your own home? Save time and hassle of going to the mall and get unique t-shirts, and save money on gas -  you wont find most of our shirts in stores. We provide secure online credit card processing, we also accept paypal.

More about what we offer.
You will find many hilarious t-shirts, offensive humorous tees, classic retro inspired designs here. Original unique t-shirts, cute t-shirts for women and girls, funny t-shirts for men, original gift ideas.
We feature many older style text and graphic designs from our original line, and we are always adding new t-shirts to this site periodically. We are pleased to be able to offer you what we consider to be the most unique and varied selection of original t-shirts online.

Order processing
All orders are securely processed via our secure online checkout system.

Partners and fans
We greatly appreciate anyone supporting our site by linking to Funzo T-shirts on your own website, home page or blog. We also love other independent clothing lines and interesting smaller t-shirt sites, contact us for an exchange if you are a designer or retailer with your own webpage.

Secure online shopping
Be confident ordering from our website. We use secure ordering systems which are fast, safe, convenient and available 24 hours a day. Your credit card information is always safeguarded and encrypted electronically.

Buy funny t-shirts
Browse the unique selection of funny, cool, fun t-shirts, novelty printed tee shirts and clothing in our online t-shirt store. Themes we specialize in include:
  • funny t-shirts
  • cool t-shirts
  • retro t-shirts
  • offensive t-shirts
  • cute t-shirts
  • kids t-shirts
  • weird t-shirts
More About Us
What we have to offer here is a great eclectic original selection of quirky fun, silly and humorous funny t-shirts, unique novelty t-shirts, cute and retro vintage styles on clothing for men and women, boys and girls, and babies! Some of our many categories of independently designed exclusive in-house t-shirts include popular topics and themes like funny slogan t-shirts, cool cartoon tshirts on boys' and girls' children's sized clothing, beer drinking party t-shirts and college humor apparel for men & women, epic cool black skull tees, rebel attitude motorcycle and biker t shirts, plus a hilarious assortment of funny rude dirty jokes and offensive t shirts with adult humor for our more mature customers.

We also have an awesome variety of fun unique holiday and family themed t shirts and sweatshirts, cool birthday tees for big and little brothers and sisters, cool mother's and father's day shirts for mom and dad, stuff for grandpa and grandma and more unusual gift ideas and clothing for the extended family. We hope you will find something funny and original here that you have not seen before, or at least have a few laughs at no expense at our funny t shirts...

Remember our name, you'll be screaming it later. Make us a favorite site so you wont forget about our amazing awesome mega funny t-shirt super-store. We give you a unique selection of fun cool funny and offensive t-shirts and political statements, rude and dirty jokes on tees. Retro vintage style men's & women's shirts. Cool and funny graphic t-shirts and clothing for men & women and more! We also feature official movie comic book & music t-shirts and merchandise.

Lots of Funny and Cool T shirts
And not just cool and funny t shirts, We've got so many original shirts and apparel iItems for you to choose from.

All of our non-officially-licensed graphics can be printed on a wide variety of different articles of clothing and other products including short and long-sleeved tee shirts, mens wear including guys muscle tees ringer and raglan teeshirts and hooded sweatshirts! Womens wear includes spaghetti strap tanks, classic tank tops, fitted shirts, raglan and ringer tees, plus sizes, hoodies and maternity t shirts! Babies wear includes cute baby t's and infant sized t-shirts, funny bibs and bodysuits. Cool t shirts for children and junior sized shirts for older boys and girls. Rude, dirty, sexy and offensive novelty men's and women's underwear including funny boxer shorts and sexy printed panties which make great gift ideas.

So, If you want one of these items and it's not already available on the store page just contact us and make a request, we can add any of the following products on demand.  Just remember that we offer a variety of both original independent cool t-shirts and  funny graphic tees, and officially licensed music, band and concert, television show, comic book characters and superhero tshirts and film/movie tee shirts. Most licensed music and movie t shirts are not available on such a wide selection of products  -->

Available Tees and Clothing
Men's and Women's Wear
° Short sleeved t-shirt
° Long sleeve t-shirt
° Fitted t shirts
° Raglans
° Retro ringer tees
° Babydoll tees
° Cropped sleeve t-shirts
° Maternity shirts for moms
° Baby and infant sized clothes
° Toddler t-shirts
° Kids sized apparel for boys & girls
° Plus sized t-shirts for men and women
° Unisex shirt
° Golf polo shirts
° V-neck tees
° Natural and organic t-shirts
° T-shirts for dogs
 ¤  View pictures of all available t-shirt styles here

Other Available Clothing
° Tank tops for guys and ladies
° Spaghetti tank tanktops
° Sleeveless muscle tees
° Sweatshirts
° Hooded sweatshirts
° Baseball jerseys
° Baseball caps & trucker hats
° Men's novelty boxer shorts
° Womens thongs & panties
° Babies bibs
° Baby bodysuits/onesies.

List of available products above only applies to our print-on-demand catalog items, it does not apply to officially licensed music t-shirts or movie cartoon and movie themed merchandise because these are provided by other retailers.

We Want You, For Feedback and Suggestions
Help us improve our one-of-a-kind selection of cool t shirts and your personal shopping experience. We would love to hear from you whether you have made a purchase from us before, or are just checking out our amazing t-shirt site for the first time. Send us an email expressing your highly valued thoughts or opinions, let us know what you think of of our site or our t-shirts, suggest a new cool, humorous or offensive tshirt, or even just to say hello...

Were you completely satisfied with our unique range of t shirts? Is there something you came to find but was not available as expected? Do you have an interesting new funny, cool or offensive idea for a t-shirt or gift? Tell us about it and we might make it! What are your favorite kinds of t-shirts? is there something you would you like to see more of or anything you don't like? All customer feedback will be read and taken into consideration, and we wont sell your email or publish your name or contact information, we just want to hear your thoughts to improve our site.

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