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Are you looking for cheap t-shirts? Why not buy a blank shirt at a department store. The simple fact is, if you want a cheap t shirt, they can be found anywhere - you can find some dirty old worn out used and abused shirt at goodwill for a few bucks, or you could shop at Walmart and get something made by a factory slave worker in China who probably gets paid around 50 cents an hour, or you could shop at one of those "funny t-shirt sites" online that all mass produce the same designs and have now resorted to selling them for about $10 each like those wholesale priced generic printed shirts you always see in the department

Why are our t-shirts higher priced? Because we are an independent t-shirt store which means we don't mass
produce our designs, they are printed on demand to order and we use print on demand companies which charge a high markup for their services. We still manage to keep most of our t shirt prices around the $20-$25 price range (depending on the product) which is affordable and it's a great deal for something more unique and limited edition (all our designs are open edition prints, but printed in small quantities).

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