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Tshirtopedia - T-shirt styles and fits    

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Guide to different men's and women's t-shirt styles

Our Tshirtopedia is a pictorial guide to all the popular different styles of casual t-shirts available. Our designs are available on all these types of t-shirts, just ask if you don't see it. Without further ado, here are the shirts - in no particular order...

Regular T-shirt (short sleeved t-shirt)
Classic style straight cut short-sleeved T-shirt with a scoop neck, named because of the shape the shirt forms before it is hung or worn (looks like a capital T).

Long Sleeve T-shirt
Classic style T-shirt with a scoop neck and long full-length sleeves.

V-neck T-shirt
Just like a regular short sleeved t-shirt, but with a V shaped neck instead of the usual scoop neck.

Ringer Tee (Ringer T-shirt)
Regular style short sleeved t-shirt with contrasting color bands around the neck and sleeve edges. This is a popular style for men and women and is a great choice for any retro or vintage style t-shirt designs.

Raglan Tee (Raglan T-shirt)
Also known as the "Baseball Jersey" this is regular t-shirt thickness and is a popular sporty style long-sleeved shirt. Typical shirt characteristics for this style - three-quarter 3/4 length sleeves, dark colored sleeves and collar, and a contrasting lighter colored chest section.

Polo Shirt
Also known as the "Golf Shirt" this is a popular men's sporty style t-shirt for golfers. Typical characteristics for this style of shirt - folded over collar and a few buttons at the top of the shirt.

Cap Sleeve T-shirt
Super cute raglan style extra short sleeve t-shirt with contrasting "cap sleeves" and neck band.

Muscle Tee
Also known as the "Sleeveless Tee", as the name suggests this is a t-shirt that has been dismembered at the area where the sleeves would usually begin. This style is popular with athletic males, body builders (show off those ripped biceps), this style also appears to be extremely popular with skinny white trash and overweight bikers.

Fitted T-shirt
This is a regular style short sleeve t-shirt that has slightly different cut so it is tighter and more snug fitting. A more traditional style fit, great for guys or girls band t-shirts, retro vintage style designs, cute children's and womens designs, and slimmer, athletic builds, or petite bodies. Not to mention this is the perfect shirt to wear with your skinny jeans.

Dog T-shirt
This is a t-shirt designed specifically for your dog to wear! Available in different sizes to fit most dogs, this has two sleeves for the front legs and is worn similar to a human style t-shirt.

Other shirts which should need no explanation include: Organic t-shirts, Maternity t-shirts and Plus Sizes.

  T-shirt Picture Gallery

      Cap-Sleeve T-shirt
 women's cap sleeve cap-sleeved t-shirt for women

      Dog T-shirt
  dog t-shirts for dogs to wear

      Fitted T-shirt
men's fitted t-shirt for men   women's fitted t-shirts for women

      Long-Sleeved T-shirt
women's long sleeved t-shirts for women   men's long sleeved t-shirts for men

      Muscle Tee
  men's muscle tees sleeveless muscle tees for men

      Polo Shirt
  men's polo shirts or golf shirts for men

      Raglan Tee
  women's raglan jr tee t-shirts for women   men's raglan tee sports baseball jersey style t-shirts for men

      Regular T-shirt
  men's classic regular scoop neck t-shirts   women's regular classic scoop neck t-shirts

      Ringer Tee
  men's retro ringer tees ringer t-shirts   womens retro jr ringer tees

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