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How to Wash Printed T-shirts                                                                                                                                                                  

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 How to wash printed t-shirts

Don't you hate when you buy a great new shirt and then you wash it for the first time it shrinks so tight you can no longer wear it without looking like someone in a 1980's Village People concert? This must have happened to almost everybody at least once, never again! In this article we are going to discuss some basic tips for keeping your t-shirts the same size and how to prevent wear and fading of the printed design on your shirt.

Below are some easy tips for keeping your t-shirts looking their best and hopefully lasting for many years. Of course the thickness of your shirt will effect how long it will last too, obviously those extra thin t-shirts you can buy are going to wear out fast and not last as long as a heavy duty thick cotton t-shirt like a Hanes beefy tee.

Note: Even after reading this article, before throwing everything in the washer, it's always a good idea to check the tag on each of your shirts and follow any specific suggestions from the manufacturer. Some shirts are made of different materials, or different combinations and may require special treatment, the tips in our article are for 100% or mostly cotton t-shirts. One exception is if your t-shirt tag says something stupid like "dry-clean only", you can generally ignore that if it's just a regular cotton t-shirt.

Washing Tip For Dummies
Don't mix your whites with your colors, unless you like all your white shirts to be pink or some new variety of color.

Important Tip For Washing New Shirts
Whenever you have a brand new colored t-shirt, before washing it for the first time we recommend soaking it first in some cool or room temperature water with a little regular table salt added to water. This helps to hold the color in the fabric and prevents it from "bleeding" out into the water (a common cause of the pink shirt situation) this also delays fading of the fabric. Alternatively, you can just throw some salt in the washing machine before washing.

Protecting Your Print
The second most important tip we can give you for washing printed t-shirts is, always turn your shirts inside-out before washing! This basic step protects the print during the washing cycles and will prevent wear and damage to the design (especially if it is a heat-press/iron-on decal).

Color Safe Bleach?
This is just our personal opinion but, we don't recommend using any laundry product with a bleach in it on colored shirts, even if it says it's safe for colors, we think it fades the t-shirt faster. Unless you are going for that faded retro look of course (this would suit our retro and vintage style t-shirts just fine).

Water Temperature
Don't wash your shirts in hot water, this causes them to shrink. Unless your t-shirt is a slightly baggy fit and you intentionally want to shrink it. You should always wash your t-shirts in cold water.

The best way to dry t-shirts is by air drying them on a line the old-fashioned way. If you must use the dryer, only dry for a short time (about 10 minutes) and dry them on the lowest heat setting available to avoid shrinkage.

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