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    News & Announcements
New Announcements for 2012
We are bringing back our classic designs! More than 100 of our favorite older t-shirts will
be added back to this site over the coming months. Over the years we have regularly retired a lot of our older ideas to make room for fresh new t shirts, so many of these tees
have not been available for years from Funzo T-shirts. We realize our customers want a
bigger variety of fun t-shirts to choose from, so we are expanding our offerings. We will
also be adding more topical categories for your browsing pleasure!
Have you seen our other t-shirt shop? After a brief delay, the original funny t-shirt catalog at offensive t-shirts is now back online and fully functional, so check it out. This store has a unique range of funny, cool, and offensive t-shirts, and caters to males and females specifically in the teenage, 20's and 30's age groups, with a strong emphasis on attitude statements, drinking and party lifestyle t-shirts. None of the t-shirts featured over there are available on Funzo T-shirts. We have plans to further develop the website, but we were in a bit of a rush to get the catalog back online for now.
We have just completed more than 50 new t-shirts for 2011.
This is our first new collection in several years and the shirts will be integrated into the site over the next several months. We are also working on other updates and improvements in the near future. For now you can check out all the new tshirts here: Click on an image to view all available products.
offensive t-shirts
     Funny Offensive Tshirts

Funzo T-shirts has purchased  Funny Offensive T-shirts.
We are very excited to acquire this website and their complete catalog of over 100 funny, offensive, and attitude themed t-shirts. We will be keeping the offensive humor and attitude statement t-shirt theme for the site, plus we'll be adding some fresh new content and giving it a different look over the coming months. For now we have reverted back to the former logo, because we liked it better than the new one. The t-shirt catalog is up again if you want to check it out. We are still setting up order processing so if you want to buy a shirt - contact us from there and we will set up an order page ASAP.

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